Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Penis of the Prairie

OK, so we're pretty sure the Nebraska State Capitol is just a building, but Heather told us there's a little farmer man at the top throwing his seed to the masses.

It's a much more cerebral dong than we're used to, but we'll take it. Barely.

(Is this really called the Penis of the Prairie? Because if so, we'll definitely take it.


  1. I'm from NE and we call it the penis on the plains. There was a local clothing store in Lincoln called the black market that sold shirts with an image of the capital with that term on it.

  2. Bear's correct. I lived in NE for awhile, and we called it the penis of the plains, too.

  3. Also from Nebraska and yup, it's our penis of the plains, with the little sower spreading his seed. (Yes, it's really called The Sower. Officially. And that state capital looks much worse from a more direct shot, when the lower part of the building can add in the nuts effect. Of course, it helps that's all we elect to send there are nuts...)

  4. I'm from Omaha, but my brother live in Lincoln, and he uses "prairie", but either way it's hysterical. XD